Reclaimed Print Co. September 10 2018

Reclaimed is pleased to introduce a new collection, a new artist and a new direction to you, our valued clients and supporters....oh and this snazzy new blog!

A lot has been happening at our little workshop on Odlum Street and as Summer comes to a close with fall on our doorstep, we are going to launch a whole new line of product . Soon to announce the future plans of a humble all-Canadian wood print company trying to make there way through the world of e-commerce, craft markets, tourism goods and home goods market.

First things first…under new ownership:

Kat Walker started Reclaimed Print Co. in March 2014 with a vendor booth at the North Shore Shipyards Night Market  where her designs found immediate success. The business  grew quickly and Kat found herself attending other craft markets, festivals and shows in the Lower Mainland area. As the orders started to grow to include the range of wholesalers across Canada who carry Reclaimed Print Co. designs today, so did the need for a partnership in printing.

Over the last 2 years Reclaimed Print Co. and Second City Print Solutions have maintained a partnership that is based on a commitment to providing exceptional print quality with a high standard of wood working and ensuring that every piece of wood touches the hand of a proud reclaimed team member to match our excellence in customer service. 

Early this past year Kat made the decision to pursue a growing demand for more personal projects and in turn, hand over the torch to Dan Iosch and myself, Esther Shoop. 

In Kat’s words, she describes the selling of Reclaimed and thanks all of those that have supported the business from it’s inception:

I am excited to share some very BIG news with you all today! After much thought and consideration I am pleased to tell you that I have made the decision to sell Reclaimed Print Co. to my business partner Dan Iosch. 

As most of you already know Dan owns the industrial equipment that we print all of our products on and his team has been working closely with me to manufacture the wood canvases over the last 2 years. The beauty of this change of ownership is that essentially nothing will be changing on our your end! This is an amicable sale and our plan is that Reclaimed Print Co. will continue to print my original designs along with an expansion of the brand to represent other local artists while continuing to maintain all the standards and quality that you expect. I am truly excited about this new transition as it frees me up personally to accept the growing demand for more creative projects and also ensures that Reclaimed Print Co. will be led with enthusiasm, strength and vision. 

I want to assure you that I would not have sold the business had I not been 100% sure that Dan and his team are as committed to maintaining our exceptional print quality and the high standard of wood working excellence as I am. In fact, I believe that with Dan’s years of experience in the print industry and the strength of his team, Reclaimed Print Co will truly be able to flourish while maintaining our core values of being industry priced, well designed and a 100% Canadian made souvenir and gift product.

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new General Manager of Reclaimed Print Co., Esther Shoop. Esther herself is a practising Vancouver artist and has experience in both retail and the corporate worlds. She comes to this role with experience as well as a love and passion for the creative art world and it is for all of these reasons and more that I am sure she is going to be a perfect fit for the next phase of Reclaimed Print Co. 

Esther will now be at your service to answers any of your questions and concerns and take all of your orders! Her email is:

Finally I want to take a moment thank each and everyone of you personally for the support and faithfulness to our small family business. I can honestly say that the highlight of the last 4 years for me has been getting to know and work with each and everyone of you and I am so proud to be handing over Reclaimed Print Co. to another local Canadian entrepreneur whom I know will honour the integrity of the close business relationships we have built. 

I wish you all the best in your sales for 2018 and I would love it if you want to remain in contact with me personally via instagram at @kat.walker.creates. 

All the best,

Kat Walker ”


And with that a new and exciting chapter has begun.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of a local Vancouver artist and a great new product line, we are very excited...