The World of Clarence Mills May 01 2019


At the age of 18, Clarence Mills was influenced by his uncle, Doug Wilson, an established Haida artist and author to pursue his own calling of becoming an artist that has spanned over 40 years.

Clarence has become a World renowned artist creating artwork in the cultural tradition and style of his people including a totem displayed at Expo '86 and made history as, what is believed to be, the first Canadian artist to have his art shown at the Louvre in Paris with the creation of a totem that now stands at the President's Palace in Paris.

Since mastering carving, Clarence has dedicated himself to becoming proficient in a wide variety of media, including silkscreen printmaking, glass, and ivory. His art can be found on blankets, dresses and snowboards. His range of private collectors are as diverse- Kate Middleton and Prince William, Tom Cochrane and former premier Christy Clark, to name a few.

A combination of a world-class Canadian Artist and 100% proudly hand sustainable wood prints made in Canada make Clarence and Reclaimed Print Co. are a natural fit. We are honoured to have partnered with him his latest endeavour and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.